About the training overall

The training here will work for those who have little or no training in the work they are asked to do in creating communications for the church or for those who want to improve their skills in this area. Few pastors go into ministry to oversee church bulletin creation and few church secretaries have training in typography, graphic design, and effective publication layout. But trained or not, the church worker's skill in these areas will affect the growth of your church in numbers and your people in discipleship.

Effective church communications will grow your church; poor communications will cripple it.

The training in this school is PC based and primarily uses MS Publisher to create the print church communications created. A variety of additional online programs are used to create and modify graphics, audio, web and video creation, but many of these are free or low cost.

This is not fancy, smancy design training using Photoshop, expensive software, and advanced techniques to wow people into your church. This is basic training built on timeless design and communication principles that will help you communicate the ministry messages of your church effectively.

About the School for Church Communicator Training creator Yvon Prehn

Yvon Prehn is the founder and director of Effective Church Communications and of www.effectivechurchcom.com. For over 20 years she traveled and taught church communication ministry, skills, and strategy at seminars, conferences, and national conventions all over North America. She now worked from her home office to write and create online training materials to equip, inspire and encourage church communicators.

To continue to effectively help church communicators Yvon decided in 2017 to organize the vast amount of material in her books, communication ministry, and website into classes. This school is the result and will continue to grow as additional classes are added.

Yvon has worked in communication ministry as a writer and teacher for over 25 years. She was a newspaper reporter and religion writer for the Colorado Springs SUN for nine years. When desktop publishing was first invented Yvon was a top-rated, national trainer in desktop publishing for Padgett/Thompson, the nation's largest one-day seminar company. She worked as a communications consultant and trainer for numerous Christian ministries in Colorado Springs and was senior editor at Compassion International and Young Life International.

Yvon is the author of many books, including the first book desktop publishing, The Desktop Publishing Remedy, published by David C. Cook in 1994. She has written for many Christian magazines and has been the communication columnist for Christian Computing Magazine, now Ministry Tech for over 20 years. Her recent books include Connection Cards, grow your church, pastor your people, little cards, big results and Devotions for Church Communicators.

Yvon has a master's degree in Church History and has done additional graduate work in theology and communications. She taught high school English and was an adjunct professor in church history at Regis University.

In addition to her formal experience in these areas, Yvon gets the opportunity to practice church communications in very practical ways. She and her husband Paul have worked in many different areas of ministry in the church, including single adult ministry, adult education, and small group ministry. Yvon serves as a Bible teacher, as well as creating many of the church communications and marketing materials, both in print and online, for the various ministries she and her husband work with. Yvon and Paul live in Ventura, California.

Yvon's seminars, plus her written and web-based materials, have helped thousands of people in Christian ministry and churches maximize their communications and enabled them to use them to help their churches fully fulfill the Great Commission.

To contact Yvon Prehn, email her at yvon@effectivechurchcom.com.