About this site

The Church Communications Training School is a ministry of Effective Church Communications.

All courses now on the school and what will be added can be taken as part of an All-Access Membership, which costs:

  • $10.00 a month
  • $99.00 a year
  • $299 Lifetime Membership

This is a one-person membership, HOWEVER, if tracking your progress isn't important to you, you can share your membership with the staff at your church or a key volunteer in church communications. You must use the same username and password. Though we recommend a membership for each person and feel our prices are low enough to make that possible, we also understand that training in communications isn't a priority for many churches (or should it necessarily be--caring for those in need is much more important) and so we want you to be able to take the classes and share them with whoever might benefit from them.

If even this cost is too much, we do offer free scholarships to those who need them. Contact yvon@effectivechurchcom.com to ask for one if you need one. No hassles, if you ask, you'll be given it.

About the training overall

The training here will work for those who have little or no training in the work they are asked to do in creating communications for the church and for those who want to improve their skills in this area. Few pastors go into ministry to oversee church communication creation and few church secretaries have training in typography, graphic design, and effective publication layout. Because church staff isn't adequately trained in communications, they aren't able to equip volunteers who want to help in these areas.

Few church communication teams have a strategy beyond "We've always done it that way" or "Just get something done for the Easter outreach" or "This latest tech or social media tool will solve all our problems!" None of these approaches make for effective church communication. Strategy in your communication ministry is essential if you want to make your communications a productive part of fulfilling the mission and vision of your church. The classes on this site and the articles on the Effective Church Communications site will help you do that.

But trained or not, strategic or not, the church's skill in these areas will affect the growth of your church in numbers and your people in discipleship.Effective church communications will help people come to know Jesus as Savior, grow your church in numbers, and your people as disciples; poor communications will cripple growth in all areas.

Practical details of the Church Communications Training School

The how-to training in this school is PC based and primarily uses MS Publisher to create the print church communications created. A variety of additional online programs will be used to create and modify graphics, audio, web and video creation. Many of these are free or low cost and we will be offering training in many of them.

This site does not offer advanced design training using Photoshop, expensive software, and exotic techniques to wow people into your church. Fun as they might be, this site doesn't venture into cutting-edge video creation, the latest 3-D modeling, or other advanced practices that only large churches can afford the software and equipment for. We want our training to be doable, affordable, and useful to any church, anywhere.

Though we recognize the value of social media and have some courses on it, there are honestly other sites that can help you much more in that area. Our focus is on the basic communication skills, solid biblical strategy, and wise church communication ministry management you won't get anywhere else.

About Effective Church Communications

This site is the training school for Effective Church Communications (www.effectivechurchcom.com) and we describe our ministry as "A strategic approach that enables churches to create communications in print, social media, and online that help people come to know Jesus as Savior and grow to mature disciples."

In other words, our goal is to help you fully fulfill the Great Commission, which means to help people come to know Jesus as Savior and to grow to mature disciples in Him. That's our North Star and we know it's also the goal of many churches. This Church Communicators Training School will give you the tools to turn that goal into practical reality in the area of your church communications.

About the School for Church Communicator Training creator Yvon Prehn

Yvon Prehn is the founder of the Effective Church Communications Ministry and after many years of traveling and teaching she is now at home in Ventura, California focused on creating this school and other resources at the Effective Church Communications website (www.effectivechurchcom.com) for church communicators.

Yvon has worked in communication ministry as a writer and teacher for her entire adult life. She started as a newspaper reporter and religion writer for the Colorado Springs SUN for nine years. She was also a free-lance writer for various Christian publications at that time. When desktop publishing was first invented Yvon was a top-rated, national trainer in desktop publishing for Padgett/Thompson, the nation's largest one-day seminar company. She worked as a communications consultant and trainer for numerous Christian ministries in Colorado Springs and was senior editor at Compassion International and Young Life International.

Yvon traveled teaching church communication seminars all over North America for many years. During that time she interacted with thousands of churches of all denominations and started her online ministry of Effective Church Communications in the early days of websites.

Yvon is the author of many books, including the first book on desktop publishing for the church, The Desktop Publishing Remedy, published by David C. Cook in 1994. She has written for many Christian magazines and has been the communication columnist for Christian Computing Magazine, now Ministry Tech for over 20 years. Her recent books include Connection Cards, grow your church, pastor your people, little cards, big results, The Six Steps of Effective Church Communication Strategy, and Devotions for Church Communicators. For detailed descriptions and links to buy these and other books and e-books, go to: http://www.effectivechurchcom.com/books/

Yvon has a master's degree in Church History and has done additional graduate work in theology and communications. She taught high school English and was an adjunct professor in church history at Regis University.

In addition to her formal experience in these areas, Yvon gets the opportunity to practice church communications in very practical ways. She and her husband Paul have worked in many different areas of ministry in the church, including single adult ministry, adult education, and small group ministry. Yvon serves as a Bible teacher, as well as creating many of the church communications and marketing materials, both in print and online, for the various ministries she and her husband work with. Yvon and Paul live in Ventura, California.

Yvon's seminars, plus her written and web-based materials, have helped thousands of people in Christian ministry and churches maximize their communications and enabled them to use them to help their churches fully fulfill the Great Commission.

To contact Yvon Prehn, email her at yvon@effectivechurchcom.com.