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The Courses: The courses range from simple, one-session classes on simple subjects to many session, in-depth training what we term our CORE COURSES in areas such as The Five Steps of Effective Church Communications and Successful Seasonal Strategies.

What makes our ECC Exclusive Reviews special: This school and the does not take any outside advertising (only our own books, podcasts, and classes), nor do we participate in any affiliate marketing (where we'd be paid to recommend resources). Everything we preview and review, we do because we genuinely believe this material will be helpful to church communicators. Our reviews are much more than a meaningless list of resources which often are a totally useless waste of time. We actually go to the site, show you what they look like and make suggestions on how the resource may or may not be useful and this makes them an invaluable part your membership.

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Yvon Prehn
Yvon Prehn

For over 25 years I've helped church communicators create more effective communications. I wrote the first book on desktop publishing for churches in 1992 and many more books and articles on church communications since then. I traveled all over North America doing seminars for thousands of church communicators, founded the ministry Effective Church Communications, and currently create training materials and write for church communicators from my home in Ventura, CA.

Courses Included with Purchase

How to get people to come back to church after Easter
and how to mobilize the process, people, and products that will make that happen!
Yvon Prehn
Church and Ministry Business and Invitation Cards
tiny, but powerful tools for PR, outreach, information, and caring
Yvon Prehn
FREE IMAGE SOURCES, tips for use, tours of 21 sites
Invaluable advice to make the most of free images, video tours of image sites, and a bonus video on modifying images
Yvon Prehn
The Five Steps of Effective Church Communications and Marketing
A strategic, progressive system of church communications that helps people come to know Jesus as Savior and grow to mature disciples.
Yvon Prehn
Successful Seasonal Strategies
that will grow your church in numbers & your people in spiritual maturity
Yvon Prehn
How to Create Social Media Graphics Using PowerPoint & Canva
A quick, easy, and FREE way to create images for all your social media
Yvon Prehn
How to Choose Typefaces
essential basics to make the text in your church communications clear and readable
Yvon Prehn
PicMonkey, an intro. How to do basic image, color, and photo editing.
Super easy and fast ways to change the colors and look of photos, plus how to do glamor photo editing in a few minutes
Yvon Prehn
How to use Mother's Day to Grow your church, evangelize, and disciple
Honor Moms by helping their families come to know Jesus. This class will show you how to do it.
Yvon Prehn
How to find Arabic-looking fonts
For missions, outreach, Ramadan or related reasons, these fonts are appropriate and easy to use
Yvon Prehn

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