FREE IMAGE SOURCES, tips for use, tours of 21 sites

Invaluable advice to make the most of free images, video tours of image sites, and a bonus video on modifying images

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It's a great time to be creating communications today because thousands of images are available to you for FREE! And this course will preview 21 websites of FREE IMAGES and give you tips to make the most of them!

No matter what some paid sites may tell you, everything you need to create great-looking communications in print and online can be found without spending any money. This course not only will give you a list of sites that will give you what you need, but it will give you video tours of all the sites so you can decide if that source is useful for you before you waste time checking it out.

There are five short videos previewing sites (the first one of large overview sites is the longest) and you can download either the PDF of the course PowerPoint that lists the sites or a PDF list of the sites to make notes on what might be most useful to you.

In addition to showing you sources for thousands of useful images, this course also has:


Images are very important, but they are not THE most important thing in church communications. We'll briefly discuss why, what is most important and how to use images most effectively.

You'll also learn why captions for your images are critical and how without them images have no inherent meaning.

Guidelines and cautions

There is an overwhelming amount of fine print on image sites today. Not only is it very confusing, but as a church communicator you want to do things legally and it's hard to take time to sort through all the rights, usage agreements, and licenses involved.

This course has done all that work for you and all the sites shown are free, copyright free, attribution free, and can be used for commercial purposes (if you create a t-shirt and sell it, that's commercial).

Bonus--quick edit ideas in PicMonkey

Sometimes you want a little more from an image. You may want a different size, focal point, or color. You may wish it had a different mood or effect. A great program that can do that is PicMonkey and the overview of images ends with a short video from Pic Monkey showing how you can very quickly make changes like the ones below. The first image is the original off the site and following are is a less-than a minute change. The video has additional changes of this picture and another one.

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Your Instructor

Yvon Prehn
Yvon Prehn

For over 25 years I've helped church communicators create more effective communications. I wrote the first book on desktop publishing for churches in 1992 and many more books and articles on church communications since then. I traveled all over North America doing seminars for thousands of church communicators, founded the ministry Effective Church Communications, and currently create training materials and write for church communicators from my home in Ventura, CA.

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